Structural Reliability Analysis (SRA) Tool

The tool / interface allows the engineer to quantify the probability of buckling, and ULS failure in pipelines subjected to lateral buckling. The tool comprises 2000 lines of code written in C# .NET and Python, and the methodology is validated in the peer-reviewed articles OMAE2017. The SRA failure sruface is prepared by a database of ABAQUS FEA solutions.


  • Pre-Processing:
    • Fully automated input file preparation for ABAQUS.
  • Post-Processing:
    • Formatting the relevant analysis results into a format that is understandable for the engineer, and visually presentable for reporting.

The tools allows the user to specify inputs in Excel, and the copmupter program translates these inputs to ABAQUS input files. Please see the following blogpost for more details:

OMAE2017 – Structural Reliability Analysis (SRA)