RCM FEA Lateral Buckling Tool – SIMLA

The tool is an interface for performing in-place lateral buckling analysis of pipelines installed with residual curvature. The tool comprises 4000 lines of code written in Python, and the methodology is validated in the peer-reviewed articles OMAE2015 and OMAE2017.


  • Pre-Processing:
    • Fully automated input file preparation for SIMLA.
  • Post-Processing:
    • Formatting the relevant analysis results into a format that is understandable for the engineer, and visually presentable for reporting.
  • Facilitating for decision making:
    • Robust and easy to use tool
    • Reducing the effort in considering a great range of analysis configurations
    • This gives confidence in the design hence facilitating for decision making.
  • Relevant to a range of project phases:
    • Concept / pre-FEED: Evaluating feasibility. Simplified inputs.
    • FEED: Decision making, RCM as an alternative or not.
    • Detailed Design: Takes a level of input commonly applied in detailed design.
    • Follow-on engineering: Assessment of changed circumstances and unforeseen events

The tools allows the user to specify inputs in Excel, and the copmupter program translates these inputs to SIMLA input files. Please see the following blogpost for more details:

RCM FEA Lateral Buckling Tool

OMAE2015 – A Finite Element Model