Seven Vega is sailing!

Written by Martin Teigen.

Subsea7’s new reel-lay vessel Seven Vega has started to emit AIS signals, and I have added it to the post with the interactive map of reel-lay vessels.

I have not had a chance to see Seven Vega for myself, but we do have a model on display in the Subsea7 reception in the Forus office. A beautiful vessel.

Seven Vega is capable of installing up to 18-inch pipe-in-pipe, that is some stiff pipe! She is currently located in Rotterdam.


I will discontinue updating the blog post mentioned above in the long term. Instead, the interactive map will be available from the link VESSELS on the front page of this website.

I have also made some improvements to the code that maintain the interactive map.

The map is made using a Python module called Bokeh (great for interactive plots!). Bokeh works by generating HTML code from inputs that you specify in Python. It is difficult to install the Bokeh module on the server I run this website, and for this reason I have in the past generated a template HTML file locally on my personal computer, which I then made available to a Python script on the webiste server. The Python script on the server updates the HTML file by replacing coordinates and time stamps. As a side note, inputs (vessel names etc) are specified in an Excel file. Without going into further details, the process was very complicated when I wanted to add / remove vessels to the list.

I hate it when a cumbersome tasks raises the bar for doing something, so I obviously had to improve the workflow.

The improvement is that I made a revised Python script that edits the JSON part of the HTML code to a better extent. I still need a template file, but I will not (assuming I am correct!) need to create a new one in the future. In other words, I no longer need the Bokeh module either locally on my PC nor the server. This means that I can easily add / remove vessels to the map, and also change colour codes simply by submitting the Excel with new inputs to the server.

Easy peasy and just the way that I like it! THis is a little task that has been on my list for a long time, and what a relief to check it off the list!

Good night guys!